"The Sea, The Sea"

12th October 2018 - 17th November 2018

New Works by Steve Williams

An evocative and beguiling selection of new paintings from York-based artist Steve Williams, whose approach to depicting Yorkshire’s rich landscape and coastline offers a fascinating insight into a unique, artistic character. 

Steve Williams is an instinctive painter. His pictures take shape through the practical and emotional process of painting, not through adherence to a fully formulated plan. Through the exploration of his own response to his subject matter, Williams allows his paintings to develop as a result of his mood or subconscious at that given moment. The works stem from an original idea, location, image or situation and then come together of their own accord, influenced by the physical and emotional context within which they are painted.

Inspired by the 'Deep Blue,' and the experiences and emotions that stem from this most powerful and ever-shifting environment, Williams’ new works simultaneously evoke a myriad of distinct responses within the viewer and portray an equally varied state of being from the painter himself. DOWNLOAD THE EXHIBITION CATALOGUE HERE

A carefully curated selection of ceramics from Kathryn Sherriff, Hatti McKenzie and jewellery from Sarah Drew, amongst others will continue the exhibition’s thematic exploration of the sea and the Yorkshire coastline.

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