18th November 2016 - 31st December 2016

From Pavement to Horizon: Paintings by Steve Williams, Laine Tomkinson, Jean Duncan & Finlay Coupar

From the ground beneath your feet, to familiar Yorkshire hills, dales and valleys and out across the wild of the Atlantic Ocean, this exhibition offers a series of vistas into the landscape that surrounds us: A view into the spaces that make up much of our physical, geographical context often without us even noticing.

Featuring paintings, drawings and mixed media works from Yorkshire based artists Steve Williams and Jean Duncan, with Scottish artist Finlay Coupar and Nottingham based Laine Tomkinson this exhibition will depict, distort and and challenge the physical environment around us and how we each choose to observe it.

About the artists:

Steve Williams is an artist who lives and works from his home in York. Williams infuses his pictures with fluidity, energy, colour and texture. His aim; to achieve a balance, a harmony and completeness, in all of his pictures. Working with a palette knife, acyclic paint and tester pots of emulsion paint, Williams produces large, bold canvases; frequently depicting familar, regional locations through a less familar artistic language.

Nottingham based Laine Tomkinson creates vibrant, bold and joyous abstract paintings and prints. Building up layers of paint or print to create works that sustain interest, Tomkinson often overworking prints, combining oil paint, acrylic, pastels and crayons; screen-printing additional layers, often scraping away a line with a palette knife, just leaving a glimpse of the original work; ‘a painting or print is successful if it is jubilant- if it’s bursting out of the frame with joy’.

Jean Ducan presents mysterious, dreamlike and ambiguous works, frequently inspired by music and within her portfolio are many collaborations with composers and musicians. An enthusiastic and driven artist, having played an important role in developing the cultural scene and reputation in Northern Ireland. Duncan now lives and works in York having spent, until just two years ago, much time working and residing in the South of France.

Finlay Coupar lives and works in Dumfriesshire, Scotland, having originally been based in, and still frequently re-visiting York. Indeed, the work exhibited in this exhibtion emerged, from a series of photographs of street gratings along Blossom Street, York. His subsequent drawings and paintings explore the relationship between the relatively neutrality of the metal grid and the chaos of the contained rubbis, providing an opportunity to explore a fundamental compositional form: a form that is the basis of many landscape paintings. 

Ceramics by Katrin Maier and Matt Waite will also be exhibited in the Gallery as part of this exhibition.

Featuring artists

  • Steve Williams
  • Laine Tomkinson
  • Jean Duncan
  • Finlay Coupar