Rebecca Callis

Rebecca’s work is inspired by her love of the set table, and the familial rituals associated with food and drink. Growing up in the 1970’s ‘Good Life,‘ in the Upper Eden Valley, she unearthed a dislike for boiled parsnips, but a simultaneously deep rooted appreciation for the handmade, the well-made, the understated and the beauty in variation.

Through her working practice Rebecca aims to achieve a simplicity of form which serves to please the user by reminding them of the artists hand. Her ceramics are all hand-thrown in Valentines 'Royale' porcelain and then dip-glazed. The result of which are pots which project a peaceful honesty in their un-precious yet considered form.

Rebecca studied at Glasgow School of Art from 1990-1994 - specialising in Ceramics under the tutelage of Archie McCall. She currently works from a studio hub - ‘The Factory’ in Kendall.

Works by Rebecca Callis