Penfold Press

Established in 2005 by Daniel Bugg, Penfold Press is a print studio which allows artists to explore a variety of creative print-making possibilities and techniques by collaborating with the esteemed printmaker. Artists such as Emily Sutton, Mark Hearld, Ed Kluz, Clive Hicks-Jenkins, Jonny Hannah, Michael Kirkman and Angela Harding have all collaborated with the Penfold Press going on to publish editions of these artists’ prints.


As a well established artist himself, Daniel Bugg takes inspiration from his time as a student at the Royal College of Art, London. Inspired by the wonderful archive of prints at the College of Art, Bugg also valued the insight he gained into the productive relationship between the artist and printer.


"My role within the studio is to work alongside the artist offering advice and guidance whilst taking care of the printing of the edition. Seeing an image develop through the various layers, colour combinations and working proofs can be an incredibly pleasing experience and seeing a finished proof for the first time is still an exciting moment.”


Daniel Bugg and Emily Sutton have worked together on their marvelous Alphabet Series project, starting with ‘A is for Accordion’, running through to ‘E is for Elephant’ and ‘M is for Magic’.


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