Northern Art: From Scarborough to Skye

22nd September 2017 - 7th October 2017

Artists, Makers & Collectors from North of Watford Gap!

If artists such as Kenneth Rowntree, David Blackburn and Joash Woodrow, to name a few of the North’s most exceptional creatives, had been at the heart of the art scene in London as each of their careers developed, would they have been better known and more celebrated today? If David Lloyd-Jones had moved from his beloved house in Fulford, York, to be part of the ceramics scene in St Ives or Stoke, would dealers be fighting over his work when it came up at auction? Alas, probably, yes.

So what fate for artists of the North? Today, as the North-South divide lessens, and cultural hubs emerge outside of the capital, in Manchester, Leeds, Edinburgh; and as the nature of the internet makes geographical location almost obsolete, such concerns might seem slightly melodramatic. Step back into the 70’s and 80’s when getting your name ‘out there’ was a whole different matter, especially if you hailed from the ‘grim’ north, and it’s easy to understand why some of the country’s finest artists have sadly slipped under the radar.

Northern Art: From Scarborough to Skye is a celebration of some of those artists and makers who deserve so much more recognition than they have ever actually received. It is a group show which aims to highlight the wealth of artistic and cultural activity that has been bubbling away for decades, unnoticed, and sadly, all too often to the detriment of those creative individuals at its heart. It is also an exhibition which honors some of the collectors and patrons of the arts, here in the North. Bringing to you an array of prints, paintings and ceramics from three of these private collections, with work by artists David Lloyd Jones, Derek Clarkson, Kenneth Rowntree and Joash Woodrow, amongst others, alongside a large selection of work by the recently deceased, and regrettably unknown potter, Patrick Richard Reed (1943-2017). Reed’s output was large and we are lucky enough to have access to an interesting collection of his pots for this show. His education at the Royal College alongside contemporaries Peter Meanley and Mo Jupp and under the tutelage of Professor Queensbury, Hans Coper and Paolozzi, influenced much of his later work and a period in Scandinavia during this time, where her met Stig Lindberg, also played a huge role in his working practice going forward. The work in this show largely represents that made in the late 60’s – 80’s, before he got caught up in the business of teaching. It is also a collection which offers the chance to pay homage to this local maker and greatly admired tutor - an indivdual who gained huge respect from both students and colleagues alike during his time teaching at York College, from 1982 – 1998. For those that didn’t know this creative, characterful individual, this show offers the chance to see a small selection of work by a master potter from here in the North.

Other artists in this exhibition include: Chris Brace, James Lindsay Bird, Anne Redpath, Russell Platt and David Blackburn.

Join us in the Gallery for refreshments on Saturday 23rd September from 2-4pm for the opening of this exhibition.  

Featuring artists

  • Kenneth Rowntree
  • Anne Redpath
  • David Blackburn
  • Chris Brace
  • David Lloyd Jones
  • Derek Clarkson

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