Mario S. Gonzalez

Following a chance meeting with artist Mario Gonzalez, whilst in Havana, Cuba in July 2015, and the subsequent news that Gonzalez would be coming to the UK later that year, curator Lotte Inch knew that an exhibition featuring his charming, sometimes unsettling, but always exquisitely crafted prints, here in York, was a must.

Unknown, as yet, within the art world in the UK, Gonzalez holds a greater and highly impressive reputation in his home country. An established member of Havana’s thriving printmaking community, Gonzalez’s work has been exhibited at national and regional exhibitions in Cuba.
Specialising in linocut and drypoint, his work is often inspired by the magic of nature and its relationship to us as human beings. It is also inevitably rooted in the culture of Post-Revolutionary Cuba; a culture which exudes a sense of defiance and vibrancy of spirit in all that it does, most notably through the art, music, dance and literary heritage of this most amazing of countries. 

Currently living in London, Mario is developing his creative practice and experimenting with other media to combine painting, drawing and photography in his prints.