Leach Porcelain Standard Ware Mug | Large

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Reduction fired porcelain mug from the Leach Pottery, St Ives. Produced using a Chinese Ying Ching glaze, then brushed with Iron Oxide.

This specialised range is hand thrown by the international team at the famous Leach Studios in St. Ives, Cornwall, using high quality porcelain. Known for its whiteness and translucency, porcelain is lighter and more delicate than stoneware, but just as strong and durable. The pots in this range are decorated with a Chinese style ying ching glaze and the rim of each piece is then brushed with iron oxide. A small percentage of iron oxide in the ying ching gives the glaze a soft translucent blue tone, accentuating the qualities of the porcelain beneath. The pots are fired to 1280 degrees Celsius using the same process as the stoneware range and are laboratory tested for food safety.

Across the range there can be significant variation in the glaze and shape – each piece is unique and handmade.

Dishwasher and microwave safe. 

11cm x 7cm

Also available in smaller size

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