Katie Timson | Grey Carved Stoneware Vase

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Grey Carved Vase

Stoneware, inspired by the geology of the British Landscape

Height: c.10.3cm

Recently cited as “one to watch” by Ceramic Review (Issue 301 – January/February 2020) Katie’s delicate, nature-inspired works, have gained much, deserved, attention of late.

The starting point for all her work, is her deep-rooted love and appreciation for the natural world – something which has played an important part in her life since she can remember. She gleans creative stimulation from her exploratory walks outdoors. She is particularly drawn to birds and often finds herself distracted by them, be it by sight or song. “I have fond memories of watching and listening to wading birds whilst staying with my Grandparents who lived near the sea,” she explains.

Alongside the assemblages of natural bits and pieces that Katie picks up – feathers, rocks, pebbles, sea-glass, bird eggshell fragments, she is also inspired by her collections of natural history books, ephemera and all the miscellaneous items that she has collected over the years. These, their natural patterns, colours and textiles have played a big role in the direction that her work has taken and provide the root from which her collection of ceramic vessels and jewellery have emerged – becoming a physical embodiment of the many walks that she has taken through the landscape, and through life.

Katie works from quick sketches, using paint and collage to build layers and add texture and detail, whether it be for a painting or ideas for pots.  Katie throws her bowls and vases on the wheel and uses clay bodies and glazes developed through lengthy and ongoing experiments with different ingredients, temperatures and types of firing. The markings on the eggshell pieces are all hand-painted onto the powdery glaze before the final firing, whilst the rock and pebble pieces are usually left unglazed to show the texture of the clay bodies and the natural colours achieved via two different firing atmospheres - gas reduction and electric oxidation.

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