Kate Haywood

I utilise a range of processes and techniques to create works which play with ambiguity and speak about the human condition. A combination of porcelain and textile helps to establish a dialogue between material and form. Differences are accentuated as each material imparts something to the other and specific qualities are intensified when viewed in relation to contrasting physical traits.

Objects relating to ritual, ceremony and adornment are referenced to create a heightened physical awareness of the body and material. Initially this is communicated through an immediate, intuitive, tactile language but a closer reading of these works will evoke further associations linked to experiences bound by time, sequencing and memory.

The assemblages are uncanny in nature and have no definite cultural or historical origin. They prompt us to question our relationship with objects, how they allow us to form and trigger memories and act as anchoring points in our lives by connecting us to the world.’

-Kate Haywood

Born in London, Kate lives and works in Cardiff. She is a graduate of Camberwell College of Art, Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design and Cardiff School of Art and Design.