Jill Gibson

Utilising readily obtained materials including rubber, plastic, textiles, foam, and pipe, material and process form the basis of my practice. Sculpture, paint, performance and installation are my main methods of execution, however my practice seeks to challenge preconceived ideas about what textiles, craft and the work of women is.

Brillo - 2015, is constructed with over 60 meters of flexible material, built around a wire core, covered in domestic pipe lagging with its inner structure deliberately visible. The outer sheath is made on a purpose built ‘Knitting Dolly’ knitted with lengths of Lycra, hand cut to form yarns. Brillo is a ‘sculptural line’ manipulated to form a large ball that has elements of the industrial yet rooted in the domestic.

Unhooking a Torment Must Begin Somewhere – 2015 like Brillo, is constructed with lagging wrapped wire. Narrow ribbons knitted with circular needles – like those used to knit stockings – creates a chain of stitches mirroring the links of the sculpture which can be fastened together with the hook and eye - a fastening used widely in female corsetry. Its simplicity, a singular line of wire, its ubiquity and its potential for ambiguity specifically as an expanded shape and form is of interest.

This work explores the nature of relationships – the hook and eye symbolising the male and female; the gold and silver links directly relating to marriage or a union; the chain - a bond, a restraint and yet simultaneously the opportunity to be unhooked and released. Deliberately ambiguous in its execution, this piece flirts with the sensual and the erotic.