Jane Lewis | Masked Angel

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Artist: Jane Lewis

Title: Masked Angel      

Medium:  Limited Edition Digital Print

Edition Size: 100

Unframed Size: H26.5cm x W26cm (image)

Framed: Yes

Signed: Signed bottom right and editioned (10/100) bottom left

After studying at Hornsey College of Art and later The Slade, where she subsequently taught, Jane Sercombe Lewis has become a respected and much celebrated artist, quietly but obsessively producing work which is oblivious to fashion, trends or movements. Known principally as a painter, she is also an accomplished draughtswoman and printmaker.

Her painting technique is in part influenced by the artists of the early Italian and Northern European Renaissance and visits to Italy to study the ancient Roman frescoes at Pompeii, Herculaneum and Ostia have had a profound effect. Her response to this ancient art is one of recognition of its startlingly contemporary resonance - a modernity of expression and application of paint which speaks directly across the centuries and which finds echoes in her own work. But while Jane’s own working methods and materials could be seen as traditional, the subject matter is wide-ranging, challenging and of its time. 

Her aim is to produce technically immaculate paintings and graphic works which often contain subversive imagery, a paradox that at first seduces and then challenges the viewer. 

Jane has held a rich and successful career having been awarded The Slade Prize, upon graduating, in 1977 and working as ‘Artist in Residence’ at The Kent Opera in 1985 - who also commissioned further works in 1989 to commemorate their 20th anniversary. In 1993 Jane also completed a years fellowship in drawing at Leeds Metropolitan University, an award funded by The Henry Moore Foundation. Following an invitation from The Slade, Jane held a solo exhibition during 1994 within the esteemed Strang Print Room (UCL). Her works have been exhibited in The National Portrait Gallery (London), The Institute of Contemporary Art (London), The Arnolfini Gallery (Bristol) and Whitechapel Art Gallery (London) and are held in many private and public collections across the UK and beyond.

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