James and Tilla Waters



‘Our pots are in the tradition of functional domestic wares, however we conceive and evaluate them increasingly in aesthetic terms … Subtle qualities – the degree of curve in a bowl for instance – hopefully result in work which is pleasing to live with beyond being simply nice to use …We are conscious of our place in the tradition of thrown ceramics. We were taught by Rupert Spira, who was taught by Michael Cardew and he in turn by Bernard Leach. There is therefore a legacy of ideas and techniques influencing our work. Yet our collaborative working practice is an extension of our relationship and circumstances, and particular to us. An awareness of the heritage may be important in understanding our work but we don’t feel constrained by it.”

Working from their workshop in Carmathenshire, James and Tilla Waters are ceramicists who were both previously apprenticed to potter Rupert Spira. Working collaboratively to make and produce their designs they have previously been awarded the 2011 Wesley-Barrell Craft Award and the 2013 Homes and Gardens Design Award for Ceramics and Glass.