Isabel Denyer

Isabel is a Professional member of the Craft Potters Association. She trained in the 1960’s at Farnham School of Art before going onto the Harrow Studio Pottery course under the direction of Mick Casson, Victor Margrie and Colin Pearson amongst others.

Her thrown stoneware pots are reduction-fired in a gas kiln. She uses quiet glazes so that the presentation of food has the full chance to ‘sing’. It is integral to her pots that they are used; “for me that is when they become complete” she says. Lichen, a stonemason’s chisel marks on a Yorkshire barn and ripples of water are constant sources of inspiration. Recently Isa has been experimenting with porcelain and a new series of glazes, inspired by the Sea.

Isa lives and works just outside of York. Find out more about her work at