Francis Lloyd Jones | Stoneware Cereal Bowl

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Celadon Glazed Stoneware Bowls by Francis Lloyd Jones.

Size: Approx: di. 14.5cm x h 8.2cm

Dishwasher Safe, although handwashing is recommended.

Francis has been surrounded by handmade pots and ceramics all his life. A background in Fine Art and a multidisciplinary practice led to a marrying of both the desire to obtain a craft skill and a persistent interest in functionality. Working for the Craft Potters Association and Ceramic Review magazine in the UK provided a prolonged exposure to current British studio ceramics, resulting in a clear idea of what appealed to him. Francis was accepted onto the Design And Crafts Council Ireland's Ceramics Skills and Design Training Course in 2016, and after graduating has taken up an apprenticeship with renwoned potter Lisa Hammond. 

Describing his work, Franics says "My work does not shout for attention. It sits quietly in the day to day, occupies a spot in a routine or peers out unobtrusively and may occasionally cause a double take. Functional objects are my main concern; pots made for use but also objects that nod towards a past function, featuring remnants of utilitarian components now ultimately defunct but repurposed as decoration. For me, pots are things that operate on the fringes of people’s lives and this is where I feel most comfortable operating. It is an almost unconscious contentment from using or being surrounded by things that are slightly out of the ordinary. It is a subtle business." Francis lives and works in South London.


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