9th March 2017 - 6th May 2017

An Exhibition Co-Curated by Chef Tom Kerridge

In an article in the September 2015 issue of Ceramic Review (Issue 275), Michelin-star chef Tom Kerridge, owner of the award-winning pub ‘The Hand and Flowers’ and more recently ‘The Coach, ’ both in Marlow, is heralded with “quietly becoming part of a renaissance in ceramics.” And rightly so, for Kerridge is, it seems, one of the first in his industry to really champion the use of original, handmade ceramic tableware to showcase his food. In his restaurants, his TV shows and his books, Kerridge handpicks and collaborates with artist-makers from across the UK in an attempt both to create a deeper connection with the food that he has prepared and to promote the skill and expertise of these makers.

This exhibition will celebrate the relationships that Kerridge has built up with some of his makers over the last few years; ceramicists like Gill Thompson, Sue Paraskeva and Reiko Kaneko and will also aim to highlight the significance, whether it be at the dining table or within the realm of Art, the not-so humble plate.

The exhibition will include plates, dishes, chargers, servers, platters and more by an array of makers carefully selected by Tom Kerridge with Lotte Inch. Ceramicists featured in the show will include: Reiko Kaneko, Gill Thompson, Sue Paraskeva, Diane Nicholson and Marv Kitshaw of Muddy Fingers Pottery, Hannah Staniforth, Tamsin Arrowsmith-Brown, Isabel Denyer, Kathryn Sherrif and Rupert Brakspear. Pieces will be both functional and decorative, but rest assured, each will be a work of art and in turn will work to elevate the simple dish to something much more than a surface to just put your toast on!

Featuring artists

  • Reiko Kaneko
  • Sue Parasheva
  • Gill Thompson
  • Hannah Staniforth
  • Tamsin Arrowsmith-Brown
  • Isa Denyer