Clives Hicks-Jenkins | The Armouring of Gawain

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'The Armouring of Gawain', Screen print, signed by the artist.

Edition size: 75, image size: 55.5 x 55.5cm, paper size: 70.5 x 69cm

'A year has passed since Gawain’s first encounter with the Green Knight, and now he prepares to set off in search of his adversary, as he has sworn to do. In this portrait, designed as a pendant to ‘The Green Knight Arrives’ we see the young knight outside the walls of Camelot, alone as he must be on his quest. Gawain’s armour is magnificent, particularly the helmet with its splendid plume that flows and ripples like the Green Knight’s beard. The decorative stars and delicate tracery of foliage contrast with the robust trees and leaves with which his enemy’s skin is tattooed, reminding us that the world of Camelot exists at a remove from nature.'

James Russell

(This print is unframed, please, enquire if you would like this item framed)

Born in Newport in 1951, artist, illustrator and designer, Clive Hicks-Jenkins was brought up close to his family’s farming roots in rural Monmouthshire. His love for the arts, in particular performing arts, became evident at a young age and at just 12 Clive escaped to London to study theatre. He subsequently worked as an actor in films and television and toured Europe and America as a dancer before turning his hand to a career as a choreographer, director and stage designer. Following a debut exhibition of his stage designs in the 1980’s, Clive’s first solo show of his paintings was held in 1996.

Today, he shows regularly with the Martin Tinney Gallery in Cardiff and Tegfryn Gallery in Anglesey. He has also had exhibitions at Christ Church Picture Gallery in Oxford, The Museum of Modern Art Wales, Newport Museum & Art Gallery, Anthony Hepworth Fine Art, Brecknock Museum, the National Library of Wales and Aberyswyth Arts Centre. His paintings, prints and artists’ books are in numerous public collections, including the National Museum of Wales, the Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, the Museum of Modern Art Wales, the Contemporary Art Society for Wales, Llandaff Cathedral, Pallant House Gallery and the Methodist Church Collection of Modern Art, as well as private collections and libraries around the world. He was made an Honorary Fellow of Aberystwyth University School of Art in 2004.

Clive has been praised by numerous critics including actor and theatre director, Simon Callow who has called him ‘one of the most individual and complete artists of our time.'

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