The Nature of Colour

13th October 2017 - 7th November 2017

New work by Emma Whiting, Samantha Swales Snowden & Yuta Segawa

The Nature of Colour showcases new work from York-based painters Emma Whiting and Samantha Swales Snowden, two artists whose work is intrinsically connected to the experiences that make up their everyday; stories, the weather, words, people, places and objects, emotions, nature, and by paint itself. Colour plays a vital role in the process of reimagining these experiences and each approaches this retelling in their own unique way to great and emotive effect.

Born in 1969, Emma Whiting grew up in the Midlands and studied English at university in Oxford, before moving to Yorkshire which she has called home for over twenty years. She is a teacher, and a mother and has always drawn, painted and made things. “I have come to accept that, as an artist, I need variety” Emma says, “so, my current work is abstract, but I also paint figurative work from observation, recollection or imagination.” Emma makes work in a variety of media and sometimes in three dimensions. She is prompted to create work by all kinds of factors but in particular, by the paint she uses, which continues to enthrall this humble, highly competent artist.

The series of abstract squares exhibited in this show explores and revels in paint, in its colour, its consistency, its luminosity. “I am trying to achieve balance between areas of the picture's surface, and create energy within it, aiming for something animated, evocative and sensuous,” she explains.

Samantha Swales Snowden studied Fine Art and Painting at Hull School of Art and has remained in York ever since, working from within the City Walls at PICA studios, an 18th century, old print workshop and artist-led initiative, which holds workspaces for 18 artists and writers. Sam also has a background in garden design and landscaping and whilst this has temporarily taken a back seat to painting and motherhood, this training clearly plays a significant role in her creative practice when in the studio. Sam’s subject matter alternates back and forth between external landscape and an internal emotional space, often within the same work. Eventually each piece becomes a pared down composition of colour and space removed entirely from any semblance of representation, describing only its own physicality.

Yuta Segawa’s small and delicate ceramics compliment the work of these two painters, picking out some of the tonal highlights in their work. London based artist Yuta Segawa has risen to fame over the past 18 months with his hand-crafted miniature pottery. Born in Shizuoka, Japan in 1988, Yuta studied in Tokyo before attending Camberwell College of Arts and completing his Masters there in 2015. Since then, he has exhibited extensively across the UK, Europe and beyond, most recently and notably, with a solo show at the Open Eye Gallery in Edinburgh. Pushing the limits of micro craft, Yuta individually throws each design before hand-finishing using a colour spectrum of over five hundred specially developed glazes. Today, Yuta lives and works in London and has work in a number of private and public collections. 

Featuring artists

  • Emma Whiting
  • Samantha Swales Snowden
  • Yuta Segawa