Blue Mari Lwyd Cabochon

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Cabochon Pins by Clive Hicks-Jenkins

Limited Edition Pins in bespoke, hand painted boxes, made exclusively for ‘The Mind’s Eye’ at Lotte Inch Gallery.

A note on the making of these treasures:

"I started making ‘cabochons' because I had a notion to create something special for a forthcoming exhibition opening. In the Spring of 2018 Dan Bugg (of the Penfold Press) and I will be celebrating the completion of our fourteen print 'Sir Gawain and the Green Knight' series with a major exhibition at MoMA Machynlleth. In the back of my mind an idea was hatching to produce something to mark the event that Dan and I might wear to the opening, to catch the eye and be a celebration of reaching the conclusion of the project. I was thinking of those magnificent enamelled settings of Baroque pearls that you see in historic portraits, vivid and attention grabbing - and way beyond my skill base! Perhaps some kind of fancy badge!

Long ago I'd made a resin encapsulation paper-weight from a kit, and I figured that if scaled down, the process might prove a relatively feasible way of producing something glittery to be worn pinned to a lapel. I got to work sculpting and painting miniatures and experimenting with processes of encapsulation. I produced two pins, one for Dan and one for me, both depicting the head of Gawain's horse, Gringolet. While in the process of making the lapel-pins, I posted online images of various trial versions, and was taken aback by the enthusiastic responses of those who wrote asking if they were available to purchase. Lotte Inch and I got talking, and the idea was hatched to include some lapel-pins in the exhibition. After long days in my studio at the easel, I would come down and sculpt miniature heads at the kitchen table while supper cooked. It's surprising what you can produce while a saucepan of potatoes is boiling away!

For me, it's essential that any process of making art, no matter how serious, retains an element of fun. Producing the lapel-pins has been a playful scamper down an interesting byway. There will be more of these."


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